Spirit of Napa Tei, the adventure
of Will and his team.


Spirit of Napa Tei


Spirit of Napa Tei

A journey through the milky way, encouter with advanced Alien forms, interplanetary conspirancies, space Battles, ritual duels, interracial relationships, Alien trial and much more. prepare to be overwhelmed by a succession of events following the adventures of Will and his companions.

  • He was sick of repeating that that was precisely why he had to leave: so that what had happened to him would never happen to anyone else again.

    - Will Steiner
  • – Today is an important day.
    – Why? Maliae asked.
    – You learned the existence of amour. And there is nothing more powerful on Earth.

    - Will and Maliae
  • The contdown started. Will followed it insight his head: three, two, one…..

    - Will Steiner
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